Project Details 

The University Avenue and N. Grandview Avenue intersection is being developed into an urban, single-lane roundabout. Construction is scheduled for the summer of 2018, from June to August. N. Grandview Avenue will mostly be open throughout construction. Construction will begin on the west side first, with University east open, Grandview north of the intersection will be closed for a period. Access to all businesses and residents will be maintained throughout the project with some short term closures as new concrete is installed.

Click here to view the University Avenue detour
Click here to view the truck detour for N. Grandview Ave.

Project rendering
Roundabout labeled

Why a roundabout?

  • The intersection doesn’t operate well as a four-way stop, it was scheduled to be converted to a signalized intersection
  • The roundabout will provide a safer and more efficient intersection, especially during the off-peak hours
  • Aging infrastructure is in need of replacement (sewer, water, etc.)
  • Pavement life will be extended significantly

This roundabout is being designed to operate in conjunction with the existing roundabout to the south, and the new traffic signal to the north. The City is beginning the preliminary design in 2018 for University Avenue, and this project was evaluated to verify it will work in conjunction with that plan.

Impacts on the area

  • Right-of-way is necessary from Allison-Henderson Park and Fire Station #4, with Addition of flashing signals by the fire station.
  • No impacts to the current sledding area
  • No impacts to southeast or southwest corners
  • The projects design requires that the existing Jule stop be relocated, however services will be continuous throughout construction. The bus stop location will be temporarily on University Avenue during the first stage of construction. The final location will move from south leg of the intersection, to the north leg.

Improvements to infrastructur

Installation of the University Grandview Roundabout provides an opportunity for coordination of a multi-modal infrastructure project that will improve the current transit amenities while increasing safety and improving access to Allison-Henderson Park. The new transfer location along the edge of the park includes a paved bus pull-in area, large bus shelter, bike racks, trash and recycling receptacles, regraded sidewalk to meet ADA requirements, security cameras, and lighting. Over 3,800 bus rides begin, end or transfer at this location per month providing access to work, educational and recreational opportunities and medical appointments. 

The current relocation plan includes a 10-foot-wide lane for buses to pull-off of Grandview into an unused area of Allison Henderson Park. This has been presented as an interim relocation for the transfer area while the East-West Corridor Study Improvements are designed to include a long-term transfer area solution.

Jule Midtown Transfer plan & renderings 4