Lead Hazard Control & Healthy Homes Program


Dubuque’s Lead Hazard Control & Healthy Homes Program utilizes federal funds to provide financial assistance to low- and moderate-income homeowners and rental property owners to reduce lead-based paint hazards in homes with young children.  Eligibility for this program is based on household income and the presence of a child under the age of six that lives in the home or visits the home on a frequent basis.

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Eligible Lead Hazards

In properties built prior to 1978, where the lead-based paint has been identified, it is considered a hazard under the following four conditions: 
  • The paint surface is peeling, chipping, cracking, or otherwise deteriorated.
  • The paint is accessible to children under age six, or is a chewable surface, meaning it is within five feet of the floor or ground. These are protruding surfaces, such as window sills, stair treads, and handrails and spindles / balusters.
  • The paint is an impact surface, meaning it is located where it may be easily chipped. These are surfaces such as doors, door jambs and stops, baseboards, and wall corners that jut into a room.
  • The paint is a friction surface, meaning that movement creates lead dust.

Grant Funding

Grant funding of $3.2 million has been awarded for 3 years.  We anticipate assisting approximately 129 units within the City of Dubuque by November 2018. Applications are being accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  For additional information contact Housing and Community Development Department at 563.589.1724.