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Posted on: April 24, 2017

Annual Asphalt Overlay Projects Announced

Paving Jackson Street

The City of Dubuque’s annual asphalt overlay program is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 8, and will improve seven and half miles of city streets during the 2017 construction season.

The first of 42 projects will be on Roosevelt St., from Sky Blue Dr. to Peru Rd.

The program targets streets that would benefit from an asphalt overlay to extend the life of the existing pavement.  The public works department manages the program which includes milling/grinding the existing pavement surface, recycling old asphalt, and repaving streets for a safer and smoother ride.  The City has repaved over 200 centerline miles, almost two-thirds of Dubuque’s 310 miles of streets, over the past 22 years through this annual program.

Unlike street reconstruction projects, property owners are not assessed for costs associated with the asphalt overlay program. Instead, the program is funded with monies from Iowa’s Road Use Tax Fund (gas and diesel fuel tax). The asphalt overlay program is part of the City’s yearly street maintenance activity, which is budgeted at approximately $3.4 million for FY2017.

The following 42 street projects are scheduled for partial or complete asphalt overlay this construction season:

• Alpha Avenue - Van Buren to Indiana

• Apple Street

• Born Avenue

• Burns Street

• Clinton Street

• Cushing Place

• E .13th Street - Pine to Central

• E. 22nd - Windsor to Johnson

• Edwards Street

• Florence Street

• Francis Street

• Harold Street

• Henry Street

• Hickory Hill Court

• Hickory Hill Street

• Hickson Avenue

• Holly Street

• Indiana Avenue

• lsborn Avenue

• Klingenberg Terrace

• Loretto Court

• Lowell Street - North Main to Hempstead

• Mountain Lane

• Mt. Loretta

• Oak Court

• Oak Street

• Pfotzer Street

• Paul Street

• Pear Street

• Plum Street

• Rising Street

• Roosevelt - Sky Blue to Peru

• Sutter Street

• Queen Street - 22nd to Windsor

• Rhomberg Avenue - Marshall to Windsor

• Rosaline Street

• Schroeder Street

• Union Street

• Valeria Street

• Villa Street - 560 to Rush

• W. 23rd Street

• Windsor Avenue - Garfield to E. 24th

Residents will be notified by mail prior to the start of the project with contact information and parking instructions.  Normally, projects can be completed in one week and streets can be driven on soon after paving takes place, as soon as traffic control devices have been removed.

For more information, contact the public works department at 563-589-4250 or visit www.cityofdubuque.org/publicworks.

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